Man on Wire, 2008

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This is clip is one of the final segments in the documentary, Man on Wire, which was produced by Simon Chinn and stars Philippe Petit. The emotion from the interviewees that was portrayed in the video clip really tells the story of how special and magical this event was. The emotion that was given off in these interviews seemed to come most intensely from Philippe’s friends. Although a great deal of excitement was given off by Philippe, an even stronger feeling of fear, relief, and astonishment was given off by his friends. Jean-Louis Blondeau, for example, broke into tears when describing how he felt as he saw that his friend was secure on the wire. Annie Allix’s (Philippe’s girlfriend) emotion shined as she was describing seeing Philippe on the wire in between the Twin Towers in New York City. On the other hand, in Philippe’s case, the audience saw his emotion regarding the thrill he attained from walking on the cable. However, because he was so confident in his abilities and because he knew he was doing what he loved, Philippe was able to keep a moderate mood.

 Philippe Petit

The main theme in this British documentary film is that if one has a passion for something, nothing can get in the way of reaching that goal or obtaining what he or she loves. The audience realizes that Philippe has a passion for high-wire walking when he was describing how much he loves it. In the beginning of the film, he told a story of going to a dentist’s office and seeing a magazine that said the Twin Towers in New York City are going to be the tallest buildings in the world. After that, he repeatedly said he found his dream, which was to wire-walk from one building to the other. Another comment that proved his passion was when he described what he does as a beautiful gift he is giving to the people of New York. Unfortunately, there are various risks involved in wire-walking but Philippe did not get discouraged. His passion for this activity was definitely evident considering the fact that one minor mistake can surely end his life. One slip will cause him to fall 400 meters to his death. Not to mention, on some days there were incredibly high winds and freezing weather he had to overcome. Philippe is perfectly aware of the circumstances and knows that he is very close to death yet his desire to do what he loves allows him to pursue. Another risk he faced was losing his family and friends. To most people, family and friends always comes before personal hobbies. In Philippe’s case, however, high-wire walking was his life. He said that no matter what may happen, he is doing what he loves. In other words, if he does fall to his death, at least he is dying doing what he was born to do. Once again, Philippe’s passion for high-wire walking was displayed when the authorities stood in his way. He had to risk going to jail multiple times by sneaking into the Twin Towers illegally where security guards lurked about. In addition, there were police officers waiting for him on the Twin Tower buildings. Philippe did not give up, but rather he had fun with the policemen by taunting them.

 High-wire walking

 Getting arrested


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